Most Dentists have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Halloween. We love to decorate the office and of course our kids, and enjoy the spectacle it brings. However, as dentists we are ever conscious of the fact that for most kids, collecting and eating as much candy as possible is the primary goal.  For parents it can be a challenge to let the kids enjoy the season while keeping them healthy, especially their teeth.

The school year is beginning and that means new classes, new friends and new teachers – and what better way to start this exciting time off on the right foot than with a bright and healthy smile? Children’s dentistry services offered by our Montville, NJ practice With expert dentistry for children of all ages, our friendly and talented team is happy to welcome your child and treat them to a positive and enjoyable dentistry experience.

If you’ve moved to a new area or have a new addition to your family, finding a good family dentistry practice is going to be on your “To Do” list. With two kids of his own, Dr. Anthony Cannilla is a kid’s dentist who knows just how important – and how challenging – children’s dentistry can be! With a team that loves children and is always happy to find new ways to make oral hygiene enjoyable for kids, our practice is always available to assist parents develop oral homecare techniques as well as teach children the importance of healthy teeth.

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