If a tooth has been damaged by decay or a fracture, Dr. Cannilla will try to repair it and restore the tooth to proper structure and function. Sometimes the damage is too extensive for the tooth to be repaired and will require an extraction.

Most extractions can be performed with local anesthesia; however, some patients may feel more comfortable with nitrous oxide (laughing gas). After the tooth is removed, you will be provided with care instructions and our office will follow up with recovery. Decisions will be made by you and Dr. Cannilla for an appropriate replacement of the extracted tooth.

If Dr. Cannilla feels that you would be better served by an Oral Surgeon, you will be referred to a trusted colleague. By working closely with these specialists, you can feel confident in your care.

Tooth damaged by decay or fracture.

Tooth extracted to preserve health to area.

Please feel free to contact our office for all your dental needs!

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