Sports Mouthguard

Forty percent of all sports injuries involve the face. By wearing a custom fitted athletic mouthguard, athletes can virtually eliminate the risk of tooth loss, while protecting the lips, cheek, tongue, and jaw. Properly fitted mouthguards can also help reduce the risk of head, neck, and brain injury by absorbing and dispersing some of the shock caused by blows to the chin. Considering that the mouth is the most commonly injured part of the body during contact sports, mouthguards should be an essential component in most physical activities.

The American Dental Association and the Academy of Sports Dentistry recommend mouthguards for athletes who participate in:

Several kinds of mouthguards are available to purchase over the counter, including stock and boil-and-bite mouthguards. Many athletes complain that over-the-counter mouthguards are bulky, uncomfortable, and inhibit speech or breathing. These mouthguards do not provide the same level of comfort and protection that a custom-made mouthguard does. Dr. Cannilla can create a thin, flexible mouthguard that is comfortable, odorless, tasteless, and doesn’t interfere with your sports performance.

Laboratory-made PlaySafe® Sportsguards

Dr. Cannilla may prescribe PlaySafe® Mouthguards. Laboratory-made PlaySafe® sportsguards are prescribed for both professional and amateur athletes and are available in six levels of protection. The PlaySafe mouthguard can be customized with stickers, team logos and is available in a variety of colors to fit the personality of every star athlete in your practice!

Under Armour (UA) Performance Mouthguard

Research has shown that when training or competing in sports, the natural instinct for most people is to clench their jaw, compressing the temporomandibular joint. This in turn triggers the release of excess amounts of hormones like cortisol, which can lead to stress, fatigue, and distraction. The same holds true for high-stress occupations like fire fighting.

Under Armour (UA) Performance Mouthguards are engineered to provide an optimum space between the teeth to lessen the negative effects of clenching while under stressful situations and during athletic performance. The theory behind the UA Mouthguards is to increase strength and endurance, while reducing stress during heavy physical activities.

If you have questions about mouthguards, call Dr. Cannilla’s dental office. We’ll be happy to help you decide which type of mouthguard is best for you.

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