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What Conditions can Invisalign® Help With?


Having a perfect smile isn’t just about giving a great first impression and boosting your self-confidence – it’s also about increasing your comfort and making oral healthcare easier. If you are considering different teeth straightening solutions, be sure to include Invisalign® in your list of choices, as our patients at our family and cosmetic dentistry practice have had considerable success with this easy, affordable and effective solution.

Invisalign® products have been used to successfully treat a wide range of tooth alignment issues, including:

  • Under bite – This occurs when the lower teeth are in front of the upper teeth when you bite.
  • Over bite – When the upper teeth are in front of the lower teeth when you bite.
  • Cross bite – This occurs when the teeth are out of alignment on the sides of the jaw and one side protrudes over the other in the bite position.
  • Overcrowding – This is when your jaw is too small to comfortably accommodate all your teeth and they have become misaligned as a result.
  • Spacing – Gaps between teeth.

How Does Invisalign® Work? 

Unlike traditional braces that consist of metal wires and bands that are fixed along your teeth to slowly pull them into their proper position, the Invisalign® process uses a set of clear, removable plastic molds.

You will be prescribed several sets of molds that will be custom made to meet your needs and fit your mouth perfectly. Each set will be slightly different and, as you progress through the sets at your dentist’s recommended pace, so your teeth will be gently pushed into their proper alignment.

Expert Teeth Straightening Solutions from your Invisalign® Dental Provider in Montville, NJ 

Our dental practice in Montville, NJ is friendly, helpful and aims to deliver the most effective and affordable oral healthcare and dental solutions to our patients, which is why we’re proud to be an Invisalign® dental provider. To find out more about our teeth straightening services, please contact our family and cosmetic dental practice today and book a consultation.

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