The fall sport season is quickly approaching… Our local peewee leagues are gearing up to start, but before your kids head out the door, remember a few important safety items.

Anyone participating in a sport where there’s a risk of falling on your head making contact with another player or equipment should wear a mouth guard.

This includes sports such as football, basketball, hockey, gymnastics, and cheering.  A mouth guard helps absorb the shock from any sort of possible head trauma.  It can limit the risk for chipped or broken teeth, internal damage to a tooth, tooth loss, and even a broken jaw.

When you send your little one onto the field of play, remind them that the professionals use mouth protections, and they should too!

Nothing says summer quite like eating an ice cream cone on a warm summer evening. President Ronald Reagan deemed the month of July as National Ice Cream Month back in 1984. Ice cream remains a huge part of American culture – especially in these hot summer days. Although most of us may “scream for ice cream” during the hot days of July, those with sensitive teeth may scream for a different reason.

People with sensitive teeth may experience a shooting nerve pain any time their teeth come into contact with something cold, like ice cream. Although the cause of teeth sensitivity can vary on a case by case basis, one of the most common causes of sensitivity is exposed dentin. Beneath the hard outer covering of our teeth (called enamel) is a layer of dentin which contains microscopic nerve fibers. When the dentin becomes exposed due to dental decay toothbrush abrasion, or gum recession, sensitivity to temperature can occur.

Some common reasons for exposed dentin include: excessive/rough tooth brushing, eating acidic foods, grinding teeth, or using too many tooth whitening products. If teeth sensitivity is keeping you from participating in July’s National Ice Cream Month celebrations, make sure to call and make an appointment as soon as possible.

Kids love Halloween – it’s a time for dress up, treats and scary fun. But if you are a parent, you want your child to be safe and let’s not forget to keep your kids’ teeth safe on Halloween. Have your child eat a healthy meal before going out to trick or treat. They’ll be less likely to eat too much candy. Can you believe chocolate is the best candy choice for kids? Seventy-nine percent of dentists who give out candy on Halloween choose chocolates. Why? Candies that are hard and chewy tend to stick to teeth longer. So don’t forget to have your kids brush and floss afterwards!

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