An important part of your annual dental check-up is evaluating your current oral health and looking for early warning signs of cavities, tooth decay and tooth impaction. The best way to do this is by having x-rays taken to capture images of the inside of your teeth and gums.

Many patients don’t look forward to this experience, but there’s some good news! At our family dentist in Montville, NJ, we have invested in the latest x-ray equipment to make preventative hygiene comfortable and pain-free!

When Do I Need Dental X-Rays? 

Usually, your dentist will recommend that you have your x-rays done once a year as part of preventative hygiene. This is critical to keeping your teeth in great shape and catching problems early so that they are easier – and painlessly – dealt with.

Your dentist may also suggest that you have x-rays if:

  • You are new to the practice
  • You have particular oral health conditions that require more regular monitoring
  • You have any concerning symptoms of gum disease or oral diseases that require a more in-depth examination

Children may also require more frequent x-rays because their teeth need to be monitored as they grow. This will help identify potential issues (like teeth growing in behind baby teeth) early and come up with the best treatment plan.

Are Dental X-Rays Safe? 

X-ray technology has come a long way and, although they do use radiation, they are safer than ever before, more accurate and more comfortable! In fact, the Green CT and 3D imaging software we use at our family dentistry practice is one of the most advanced dental x-ray technologies on the market. The benefits include:

  • Low x-ray radiation, including child-sized radiation settings for additional safety and reduced exposure
  • High-quality 3D imaging for instant, high-detail analysis
  • A faster and more comfortable process that makes x-rays easy for patients
  • Eco-friendly technology that is better for the environment

Our team is passionate about making high-quality dental health comfortable, easy and convenient for patients, whether they’re adults or kids, which is why we’re the only family dentistry practice in North Jersey currently running this elite system.

To find out more about dental x-rays, our dentistry services for families, or to book an appointment, please contact us today or visit our website at

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February is National Dental Health Month, so the team at our children’s dentist in Montville, NJ, is helping raise awareness about dental health issues for kids! One of the most important tips for keeping your child’s teeth healthy and strong is to ensure that they are getting enough fluoride. Here’s some insight into how it helps prevent cavities.

What is Fluoride? 

Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral compound that strengthens teeth. When we eat and drink, our tooth enamel gets exposed to harmful bacteria that release an acid that slowly wears it down, creating opportunities for cavities. Fluoride molecules are attracted to these weak spots and bond with the molecules there, attracting calcium and phosphates that rebuild the tooth enamel and make it strong again.

It’s especially important that children get enough fluoride because they’re growing so quickly, with new teeth growing and appearing at a very rapid rate. It’s also important because – as every parent knows – brushing teeth is a challenge for kids, so it can be more difficult to properly remove harmful bacteria from teeth on a regular basis.

How do I Ensure My Child is Getting Enough Fluoride? 

While some foods do contain fluoride, the main sources of healthy fluoride are in topical treatments – that is, fluoride found in the water system, from quality toothpaste and dental treatments. Some tips to help ensure your child gets enough fluoride include:

  • For children younger than 3, start brushing teeth as soon as they appear. Use a smear of fluoride toothpaste no bigger than a grain of rice.
  • For children 3-6, use a pea-size amount of fluoride toothpaste and always supervise toothbrushing to ensure they spit out excess toothpaste.
  • Visit a qualified dentist for kids in Montville NJ for regular check-ups and to schedule fluoride treatments along with teeth cleaning.
  • If you have any concerns about your child’s dental health or want more information about how to clean your child’s teeth or help develop good oral health habits, don’t hesitate to speak to your children’s dentist. We’re happy to help!

Want to Find Out More? Visit a Dentist for Kids in Montville NJ 

At our children’s dentist in Montville, NJ, our friendly and welcoming team is dedicated to helping you and your family with all your dental health needs. With safe, state-of-the-art dental care and a stress-free, kid-friendly environment, we pride ourselves on giving each patient the individual attention and care that they deserve. If you would like to book or find out more about children’s dental health, please contact us today or visit our website at

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Chances are, you’re not someone who looks forward to a dental check-up, but that doesn’t mean it’s one you should miss! If you’ve found yourself wondering if it’s really necessary to go every 6 months, these reasons are for you:

  • It ensures early detection of oral cancer: This is a very serious health condition that can easily go undiagnosed. Once it progresses, it can become life-threatening and difficult to treat. Fortunately, your dental check-up includes looking for signs of this dangerous disease, and your dentist is fully trained in recognizing the early signs of the condition, ensuring it can be caught and treated in the early stages. And you’ll be happy to know that the exam is totally non-invasive and pain-free!
  • Prevention and treatment of gum disease: Without regular check-ups, you are vulnerable to developing gum disease, an infection known as gingivitis that causes the tissue that attaches your gums to your teeth to break down. Other symptoms include swollen, bleeding gums, breakdown of the bone structure holding teeth in place, and mouth pain. Treatment can include expensive surgery – but it’s all preventable thanks to your dental check-up.
  • A professional deep cleaning: Twice-daily toothbrushing is ideal, but it’s best to treat your teeth every 6-months to a thorough deep-cleaning. This will remove plaque and tartar buildup that is missed during daily cleans or is to tricky to remove. It also polishes your teeth, gives you a great booster of fluoride and helps dental teams spot any signs of deterioration for early treatment.
  • Spot problems that lie beneath the surface: At a glance, your teeth may look like they’re in great shape – but the opposite may be true deep inside your teeth, gums and jawbone. Your check-up will include x-ray imaging, allowing your dentist to look for any signs of bone decay, cysts or tumors. Again, finding these health issues early means quick and often more affordable treatment.

Stay on Top of Your Health with Preventative Hygiene and Family Dentistry in Montville, NJ 

Preventative hygiene like your dental check-ups are the best way to prevent pain and expensive procedures, keeping your mouth healthy, clean and feeling great. At our family dentistry practice in Montville, NJ, our friendly and welcoming team is dedicated to helping you maintain a healthy, happy smile. With safe, state-of-the-art dental care and a stress-free environment, we pride ourselves on giving each patient the individual attention and care that they deserve. If you would like to book a dental check-up or find out more about preventative hygiene, please contact us today or visit our website at paper writing

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There’s a lot you can do to keep your teeth and gums healthy besides regular brushing and flossing, like eating the right foods. Here are some of the best foods to support your oral health, from the specialists in family dentistry in Montville, NJ.

  • Apples: Eating an apple – a fruit high in water – helps stimulate saliva, which cleans your mouth of bacteria and food particles. They are also high in fiber and chewing on an apple stimulates your gums and scrubs your teeth lightly to brighten your smile. Other crunchy vegetables like carrots and celery will also work well.
  • Cheese and yogurt: Dairy products are a fantastic source of calcium for your bones and teeth, helping to keep enamel and jawbones strong. It’s also rich in protein, which is key to healing well and keeping jaw muscles and gums healthy. Yogurt with live bacterial cultures is especially good at fighting the bad bacteria that collect in our mouths, preventing cavities and keeping your breath smelling fresh.
  • Leafy greens: No health list is complete without spinach, kale, broccoli, beet greens and cabbage. These vegetables are the best source of calcium other than dairy and are important for vegan and vegetarian-based diets. They also contain folic acid, antioxidants and are rich in a wide range of vitamins and minerals, keeping your body healthy and fighting oral bacteria.
  • Nuts: Almonds, cashews, walnuts and other raw nuts are very effective at boosting oral health. They are rich in omega-3s to strengthen tooth health and support healthy gum tissue, are high in protein as well as vitamins and minerals. However, it’s chewing the nuts themselves that has the biggest benefit for your oral health. Like with apples, chewing stimulates saliva that cleans away the harmful bacteria that damages your tooth enamel.
  • Coconut: Coconut oil pulling has become a big trend in the USA and it’s not hard to see why. It’s got great antifungal and antiviral properties and is great for preventing tooth decay and bad breath, as well as helping tissue to heal faster. Simply swish a spoonful of coconut oil around your mouth for a few minutes then spit it out down the sink, just like you would with mouthwash.

Take Charge of Your Oral Health Through Preventative Hygiene – Speak to the Team at Our Family Dentistry Clinic in Montville NJ

As a family dental clinic, we offer children’s dental services, as well as catering to the needs of adults through our general and cosmetic dental services. In addition to dental exams and root canal therapy, we also offer Invisalign solutions, facial cosmetic treatments, sleep apnea and teeth whitening solutions. If you’d like to find out more about our Montville, NJ family dentistry practice or meet our staff, please contact us today or visit our website at


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More and more people are opting for implants over traditional removable dentures, but is this the right choice for your teeth? Here are the pros and cons from the specialists in family dentistry in Montville, NJ.

First, Let’s Talk About Dentures 

Dentures have been used for many decades as a solution for missing or damaged teeth. The pros are:

  • They’re more affordable than implants – in fact, they’re the most affordable tooth replacement option available.
  • You can try them out first and decide if they’re the right option for you. The fit can also be adjusted for comfort as needed.
  • The process for creating your dentures is non-invasive. There’s no surgery and, after measurements and molds are taken, all the work is done in a lab.
  • If you damage your dentures or they break, they are easily repaired or replaced.

There are some cons, however:

  • They don’t look completely natural.
  • They require daily cleaning and maintenance.
  • They can’t be worn overnight.
  • They increase your risk of gum disease.
  • You’ll need to replace them every 3-6 years.
  • You will have to avoid foods that are very hard, crunchy or sticky.
  • If lost, lose or damaged, you’ll have trouble eating and speaking.
  • In certain circumstances, jaw bone density can deteriorate over time.

So, how do Dental Implants Compare?

Dental implants are a newer tooth replacement solution, and one that is gaining in popularity in the USA. Here are the pros:

  • They are easy to care for using the same routine as your natural teeth.
  • They look and feel like natural teeth.
  • You can eat whatever food you like.
  • They don’t impede your ability to speak naturally.
  • Your gum and bone health is preserved because they act like natural teeth, and neighboring teeth are kept in good health too.
  • They will last for decades or much more under proper care.

The cons are:

  • They are a more expensive tooth replacement option – however, there is little maintenance cost and you are unlikely to need future dental procedures on these teeth.
  • They are attached directly into the jaw bone, so it means undergoing a surgical procedure and fitment procedure. Cosmetic dentists will work with you, however, to make this as comfortable as possible.

Speak to Your Cosmetic Dentist in Montville NJ About the Best Tooth Replacement Options! 

Looking for a cosmetic dentist in Montville, NJ? Our friendly and welcoming team is dedicated to your dental health as well as providing the best cosmetic dentistry solutions, including dentures and dental implants. If you would like more information on these or other cosmetic dentistry procedures, please contact us today, visit our family dentistry clinic in Montville, NJ or visit our website at

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